Protect Your Business

Your business may be running perfectly but what if there was a localised or national incident, would your business survive? Have you got customer and citizen contact centre plans in place?

It’s a topic that most people try to ignore but when it comes to your Disaster Recovery or Issue Management Plans but it is important that you get it right. So what do we mean when we say protect your business? It could be that you just need a back up call centre should something happen to your building or power supply or perhaps you work for the local or national government and need a partner that could provide Rapid Response services in case of an emergency, for example the 2004 floods or the Foot and Mouth crisis. When it comes to a Disaster Recovery plan it goes without saying that you need a partner you can trust. KC Contact Centres has the experience with both public sector and private sector businesses that have seen us set up operations in record amounts of time.

Other requirements could be that you already have plans in place within your organisation but you just need an overflow partner, where calls that are being missed are routed to our call centre. Whatever the solution you need KC Contact Centres can work with you to discuss the issues you need to be ready for and work with you to design a solution that works for your business. As we are part of the KCOM Group we have the technology, infrastructure and knowledge to have a contact centre operation up and running in no time.