Reduce Costs

To maximise your annual turnover looking at your costs is key. Imagine if you could reduce the costs to your business without adversely affecting customer satisfaction but in fact improving it.

The majority of our clients that we speak to look to outsource to save costs yet they don’t always realise how much they are saving. By outsourcing you are not only saving the costs of your staff and management team but you are also saving budget spend on; office space, insurances and utility bills, technology and hardware and expensive licenses to name but a few areas. And you don’t have to outsource your full contact operation to benefit. For example a number of businesses benefit from just outsourcing their out of hours operation. KC Contact Centres is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and so many overheads are already covered by us, sharing the burden of a 24 hour operation.

Another way to save costs is through a shared service such as our Bureau Team. For many businesses, in or out of hours call centre operations don’t require a full team of advisors. The KC Bureau Service is designed to work simultaneously with several organisations through a variety of channels and the team are specially trained to work on a variety of platforms simultaneously. Our customers get to benefit from attractive economies of scale by tapping into our shared pool of skills and resources, a value for money solution that’s good for business.