5 top tips for building customer loyalty

Thu Oct 30, 2014

5 top tips for building customer loyalty

With so many organisations trying to get recognition, customer loyalty is essential for getting your brand to the top. It can be difficult turning a casual customer into a promoter of your brand, so here’s our top tips for building customer loyalty.

Set the standards high & be consistent
It goes without saying, that to attract customers and ensure they’ll be loyal to your business; you need to set the standards high compared to your competitors. Whether this is through the product or service you’re selling or the level customer service you offer, you need to give customers a reason to not only buy from you in the first place, but continue to do so.

It’s important that you consistently provide a high level of service, as your customers’ expectations have now been set. Non consistent service means there’s the danger your customer will stop doing business with you in favour of a competitor.

Reward your customers
Everyone likes to feel valued; but with so many store cards and loyalty schemes, as a consumer it can be difficult to remember exactly which reward schemes you’re part of. Successful loyalty programmes stand out, and offer something which makes you feel valued and want to be a part of. Find out what your customers want for their loyalty, you might be surprised, as ‘money off’ isn’t always the best deal.

Let your customers connect with you on their own terms & keep in touch
We’ve all received annoying emails from companies without ever asking for them and it doesn’t give a positive view of their brand. Let your customers opt in to your newsletters and emails, at least that way you’re connecting with an audience who want to hear from you. Make sure you keep in touch, but don’t bombard your audience as there’s a chance they’ll unsubscribe. 

Listen to your customers & act on their feedback
This really is important for building customer loyalty as it really shows that you value your customers. It’s not just about having a customer satisfaction survey, you need to act on their feedback or it will feel like wasted time.

For B2B organisations, care about their business as much as yours
If you’re a B2B organisation, show that you care about their business as much as yours as it goes without saying; their success is your success.

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