The top 3 dos and don’ts of telemarketing

Thu Oct 02, 2014

The top 3 Do’s & Don’ts of Telemarketing

Successful telemarketing relies on the ability to build an instant rapport with a customer, something we have spent a lot of time perfecting.

Here are our top 3 dos and don’ts of telemarketing;


It may seem obvious, but do your research! There’s no point in calling lots of people with no preparation. Firstly you need to decide who your audience is and why that’s a good target market to go for, is there limited competition, or do you have competitive advantage?

Plan your call structure; ensure you’ve got a catchy introduction so your audience don’t think it’s ‘just another sales call’, having a call structure will make you feel more confident in the delivery.

Understand your audience & their needs
Understanding your audience is essential; this can determine your whole approach. Knowing their needs or their pains can make sure you’re offering the right resolution.

For smaller B2B markets, LinkedIn is a good tool for researching in to your audience first – find out a bit about them and make sure you’re speaking to people who can make decisions.

Follow up
You might not always make a sale straight away; often for both business and consumer markets people like to take the time to think and research more information. A follow up call shows your interest in their custom, and is a great way of answering any more questions or concerns they may have.

After a purchase is made, a follow up call is a great way of making your customers’ feel valued.


Apologise for calling
You’re not sorry for calling, so don’t say it. By starting off the call with an apology instantly creates an impression that you’re calling to bother a potential customer. Be confident in what you’re selling and that it could really benefit them or their business.

Be afraid to change your approach
The same approach won’t work for everyone. Listen and change your approach and message to suit the individual if it isn’t working.

If you don’t know the answer to a question or can’t quite remember a relevant piece of information, never guess. You’ll get found out and this could create a bad image for your brand. Find out the correct answer, even if it means having to call back.

We know that people buy from people, which is why we invest a lot of time putting together the right team to get the very best result from your campaigns. Contact us to find out how we could help your business with your next telemarketing campaign.

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