Top tips for creating a better, personalised customer experience

Thu Sep 11, 2014

Top tips for creating a better, personalised customer experience

Whether it’s through your customer service, sales or marketing; personalisation isn’t simply  adding a customer name to the top of an email. Businesses need to communicate with their customers about their individual needs and preferences to really see the benefits.

Here are our top tips for delivering a more personalised customer service;

Your data matters
Collecting good data and research is essential, as it underpins all of your communication with customers.  For example, showing what the customer has already bought will really help you decide what else they might be interested in buying. Researching into an organisations background, by going on their website etc. demonstrates your knowledge and understanding of their business to help create a really personalised service. Making sure this information is clearly available to the right teams is important to be able make the most out of it. 

As well as all of the data you have, listening to your customers makes a huge difference. Whether this is during a conversation with customer services, sales or even through a customer survey, just make sure you take their feedback on board and then act on it.

Be flexible
Flexibility in your approach to dealing with customers is key. Don’t treat customers like robots; again listen, and then adapt your style and tone to properly engage with them.

Give customers a choice
As all customers are different, your processes and services should give customers more choice. For example, payment or contact methods – giving customers these choices gives them more control and could even increase your customer satisfaction levels.

We’ve won awards for our excellent customer service, and we could help you create better, personalised customer experiences. Contact us to see how we could help you.

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