Why employee satisfaction is key to happy customers

Thu Oct 16, 2014

Why employee satisfaction is key to happy customers

Improving customer satisfaction is a key focus for most businesses, and rightly so, happy customers are more likely to purchase from you again and recommend you to family and friends. However, satisfied employees are hugely important to the overall success of a company and the link between employee and customer satisfaction is often overlooked.

Happy employees are the best employees
Research has proven one of the best ways to ensure you’re getting the best out of an employee is to make sure they’re happy and comfortable at work. It goes without saying, if you’re bored, unhappy or feeling unmotivated at work; you’re not going to give 100%. Imagine the impact this could have on your customers, the service they receive and the reputation of your brand.

Happy employees are less likely to leave
Employee satisfaction is essential for employee retention. It’s important to keep talented employees for long term growth and success. The longer employees stay; the more they learn about your organisation and your industry making them more valuable. Plus, constantly hiring new employees wastes a lot of time and money on training and recruitment. Staff retention is important for your reputation and increasing competition when applying for job roles.

Happy employees are more productive
Employee satisfaction can result in increased productivity. As previously said, happy employees are more likely to make more of an effort. By creating an environment which rewards hard work and success, staff will be willing to put in the hard work; meaning your business has even more potential to grow.

Happy employees have a sense of community
Happy employees generally like where they work and the people they work with. This creates a great environment where people want to work for you, employees are less likely to leave and there is more competition for job vacancies due to the great reputation of your brand. All of this then contributes to what matters most; your customer experience.

At KC Contact Centres, we take great care of our people, so they take great care of you; and since the beginning we’ve had a very simple belief – the right people, with the right skills, to deliver the right performance. Whether we’re offering businesses around the clock help desk support or conducting telesales campaigns, we’re all dedicated to exceeding your expectations. Contact us to find out how our award winning team could help you.

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