Why your disaster recovery plan should be a top priority

Fri Sep 19, 2014

Why your disaster recovery plan should be a top priority

With the combination of natural disasters, hardware failures and human error; planning for the unknown and unlikely can be difficult and costly, but it is essential for your businesses survival in the event of a disaster.

The simplest of mistakes can lead to costly business disasters; where a recall or outage can lead to a lot of public relations to clean up the mess. Unfortunately, sometimes the damage can’t be fixed and organisations are unable to recover.

Here are our top reasons why disaster recovery should be a top priority for your business;

Machines and hardware fail
Unfortunately, even with the amazing technology that exists today, there will inevitably be issues here and there.  90% of businesses who lose data from a disaster are forced to shut down within 2 years, so it’s essential data is backed up, preferably with an outsourced and highly secure hosting provider.

Everyone makes mistakes
One of the hardest mistakes to prevent and correct is human error. People are not perfect and it’s easy to overlook something important. Having efficient processes and good quality assurance programmes in place is key to minimising this risk.

Customer re-acquisition is expensive
Although customer retention can be costly, imagine having to re-acquire customers after suffering a disaster. By not having a plan in place, a small mistake could tarnish your brand.

Nature is unpredictable
We’ve all seen on the news the devastating effects of natural disasters. Although these are unpredictable and don’t happen often, businesses who don’t invest in a disaster recovery plan can find it almost impossible to survive, with 80% of organisations experiencing an interruption lasting longer than 5 days going out of business.

Customers want access 24/7 365 days a year
These days, consumers expect to be able to access information when they want, and however is convenient for them. It’s important your business is up and running in a timely fashion to avoid disruption and avoid the risk of customers going to competitors.

KC Contact Centres has the technical expertise in-house to easily re-route your calls and emails or support lines without any hassle or expensive costs.  Contact us to find out how we could help your business.

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