Release of new Twilight movie sees calls to KC Contact Centres soar

Tue Nov 22, 2011

Release of new Twilight movie sees calls to KC Contact Centres soar

LOCAL outsourced contact centre provider KC Contact Centres has seen a huge increase in calls to a cinema booking service it provides on behalf of one of its clients since the release of the latest film in the blockbuster Twilight saga.

Breaking Dawn, the new movie in the vampire fantasy series, was launched on Friday and film buffs expect it to be a record breaker. In 2010 the most recent movie in the series, Eclipse, set a new record for the biggest midnight opening in US box office history, while the previous record holder was also a Twilight saga movie, New Moon in 2009.

KC Contact Centres handles calls from cinema goers from across the UK on behalf of call centre technology firm Netcall, which provides the speech recognition and voice automation service used by two leading cinema companies to take telephone bookings. In the event that callers need to speak to an advisor, calls are transferred to KC Contact Centres, part of local communications provider KC.

Since bookings for Breaking Dawn opened, the KC team has received 127 per cent more calls each day than usual.

Tony Jopling, Head of KC Contact Centres, said: “We always experience a spike in calls when popular movies are released, as movie-goers don’t want to risk showing up at the cinema to find that screenings are full. 

“If the increase in calls we’ve received since bookings for Breaking Dawn opened is anything to go by, this is a film that’s going to break some box office records. One of the reasons Netcall work with us is our ability to manage large increases in call volumes at short notice, and it’s great to play a part, however small, in something that causes so much excitement.”

Breaking Dawn leading man Robert Pattinson delighted crowds at London’s Westfield shopping centre in Stratford on Wednesday when he attended the UK premiere of the movie.

Earlier in the week hoards of screaming fans turned out for the Los Angeles premiere, with many having waited for days to catch a glimpse of the stars of the vampire fantasy series.

Breaking Dawn is showing at all four cinemas in Hull.

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