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Flexible, reliable call handling from KC Contact Centres: helping to improve Cineworld’s customer experience

About Netcall

Netcall are experts in contact centre, speech recognition, unified communications technologies and business process automation. They help public and private sector organisations transform the way they interact with customers to serve them more efficiently and effectively. Netcall’s ‘call steering’ systems are designed to improve service levels and customer experience through the use of speech recognition and voice automation technology. They have had notable success in the cinema industry and are recognised as the leading market provider of automated cinema information and booking solutions. Netcall work with some of the biggest cinema brands in the world, include Cineworld and Empire.

What challenges were facing Netcall?

Through customer feedback, Netcall found that 5% of callers to cinema information and booking lines would prefer to speak directly to an advisor. Netcall needed an outsourced solution that was completely flexible and reliable.


Our flexible call handling service for Empire and Cineworld provided a solution designed to move in tune with specific volume patterns, making it perfect for fluctuating call profiles during new film releases and at other peak times. As it handles a number of campaigns simultaneously; focus can be shifted seamlessly according to demand. This approach offers a completely cost effective solution.

“As part of a large customer contact centre, KC has the ability to make changes to head count instantaneously in order to meet the demand of changing call traffic. ”

Tara Johnson, MovieLine Account Manager at Netcall


  • Flexible resourcing means we can provide the right level of resource at just the right time, improving cost efficiencies
  • Ability to handle a number of campaigns simultaneously, focus can be shifted seamlessly according to demand
  • Improved customer experience for customers who would prefer to speak to an advisor without incurring the fixed costs of increasing staffing levels
  • We quickly and effectively  integrated our people to become an extension of the Netcall team to provide a seamless service to customers

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